Tree Frog (Hyla savignyi)

World wide Distribution: It is known from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine and Transcaucasia.

In Lebanon: Widespread and common particularly near permanent water, reed beds and riverine vegetation.

Description:  It is easy to tell a tree frog from other amphibians as it is a small delicate frog with un-webbed fingers. It has long hind legs, is green to brown with a long stripe down each side, running through the eye. Males can be told from females as they have a yellowish vocal sac below the chin.

Behavior: This is an arboreal frog ( it lives in trees and other vegetation near water) It usually comes out at night, but can often be found resting during the day, although it is hard to detect as its colors match with the back ground and it remains very still until discovered. It feeds mostly on flying insects.

A small usually bright green frog, although they can be brown or gray, the Tree frog loves to climb – usually on twigs or leaves but pencils will do!