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There are so many ways to inspire young people to care about the environment – as these “postcards from a teacher” above illustrate. It is essential that students are provided with relevant local information, but also that they can EXPERIENCE some thing of the beauty and fragility of the environment around them.
So a call to teachers!
Use this website as a resource to teach the Lebanese youth about Lebanon’s environment but also take them out into it – see it, smell it, feel it, ENJOY it!
This section of the website is dedicated to providing back ground information and recourses to teachers and University students. Linked to the rest of the web site, more technical articles are available as is an extensive bibliography.

Books and Web Resources:
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File nameWord filePDF file
A: Background information on Lebanon’s DragonfliesDownloadDownload
A: Checklist of the birds of LebanonDownloadDownload
A: Why Lebanon is so important for Biodiversity.DownloadDownload
A: Migration Dates for Soaring Birds in LebanonDownloadDownload
Books and Web ResourcesDownloadDownload