Red & Pink Flowers

Persian Cyclamen
Cyclamen Persicum
*Very Common
Flower Size: 1 to 3 cm
Habitat: Rocky ground, fields etc.
Flowering Period: February to May depending on altitiude
Kos Cyclamen
Cyclamen coum
Flower Size: 1 cm
Habitat: under trees and rocks
Flowering Period: February to April
Crown Anemone
Anemona coronaria
*Flowers can be purple
Flower Size: 35 to 75 mm
Habitat: rocky and grassy areas
Flowering Period: March to April
Spotted Arum
Arum discordis
*Variable green with red spots to mostly red inside flower. Poisonous!
Flower Size: up to 35cm
Habitat: waste rocky ground
Flowering Period: April
Cretan Rock Rose
Cistus creticus
Flower Size: 3 to 5 cm
Habitat: woodlands on sandstone
Flowering Period: May
Field Gladiolus
Gladiolus segetum
Flower Size: 15 to 30 mm
Habitat: fields, garrigue
Flowering Period: March to May
Pink Flax
Linum Pubescne
Flower Size: 3 cm
Habitat: Garrigue
Flowering Period: March to May
Alcea setosa
Flower Size: large on spike
Habitat: Waste ground
Flowering Period: May through summer into fall
Corn Poppy
Papaver rhoeas
Flower Size: 2 to 4 cm
Habitat: waste ground, fields
Flowering Period: March to June
Mediterranean Sweet Briar
Rosa glutinosa
Flower Size: large
Habitat: mountain areas
Flowering Period: June to August
Goat’s beard
Tragopogon longirostris
Flower Size: up to 3 cm
Habitat: Fields, grassy places
Flowering Period: March to July
Aegean Tulip
Tulipa agenensis
Flower Size: up to 4 cm
Habitat: Fields
Flowering Period: March to May