Dragonfly Who’s Who

A selection of the commoner dragonflies and damselflies are given below, with descriptions and notes to help you identify specimens you might see (frequency notes refer to how common they are at wetland or similar habitats):

Migrant Hawker
Aesthna mixta
Appearance: This large species appears overall blue but on close inspection its abdomen is striped blue and brown.
Flies: late in the year (October – November)
Additional notes: Common
Caliaeschna microstigma
Appearance: Mottled blue-black, wings tinged brown.
Flies: mid June – October
Additional notes: Found near fast flowing water.
Cordulegaster insignis insignis
Appearance: Unmistakable with their bright yellow and black abdomens.
Flies: June and July
Additional notes: Only found near fast flowing water, common high in the mountains.
Scarlet Dragonfly
Crocothemis erythraea
Appearance: Males are easily distinguished with their red bodies, females are yellowish.
Flies: May to October
Additional notes: Quite common
Broad-bodied Chaser
Libellula depressa
Appearance: Mature males have a powdery blue coating over their broad abdomen.
Flies: early in the summer
Additional notes: High Altitude pools
Black-tailed Skimmer
Orthetrum cancellatum
Appearance: Males are usually powdery blue but the females, as here, are yellow.
Flies: May to July
Additional notes: Common
Yellow-winged Darter
Sympetrum flaveolum
Appearance: As its name suggests it has characteristic yellow wings.
Additional notes: Near still water with fringing dense vegetation but it migrates so can be found elsewhere.
Blue-tailed Damselfly
Ischnura elegans ebneri
Appearance: Bright blue and black, in the male, the females are blue with reddish, as here.
Flies: April to September
Additional notes: Very common
Azure Damselfly
Coenagrion puella syriaca
Appearance: Bright blue with a black mark at the end of each segment, females can be green.
Flies: April to June
Additional notes: Very common
Lestes virens virens
Appearance: Unique bright metallic green color.
Flies: May to October
Additional notes: Very common
Platycnemis dealbata
Appearance: Uniquely this species is almost pure white.
Flies: May to August
Additional notes: Common