Although Lebanon is a small country, with a land area of only 10,452 square km, it has an amazing diversity of habitats. This is largely due to the wide range in altitude from sea level to mountain peaks rising to over 3000 meters. The geography of the country can be divided into parallel strips, running roughly north-south:

  • A narrow coastal plain with the East Mediterranean to the west.
  • The Mount Lebanon range with the highest peaks of all.
  • The Bekaa valley – an uplifted plain of up to 1000m.
  • The anti Lebanon range bordering Syria.

Generally high rainfall, concentrated in the winter months, falls on the western mountain slopes with decreasing rainfall to the east. Above 1500 m much of the precipitation falls as snow. With a human population of about 3.5 million and an ancient history there are no habitats that have not been affected by man and many profoundly so. However a rich plant and animal biodiversity remains. Broadly the habitats can be divided into the following types:

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