Yellow & Orange Flowers

Crown Daisy
Chrisanthemum coronarium>
*Very common
Flower Size: up to 5cm
Habitat: coastal region by road sides, waste ground
Flowering Period: February to June
Broom Fumana
Fumana arabica
Flower Size: small shrubby tree with flowers up to 4 cm
Habitat: woodland
Flowering Period: March to June
Unequal flowered Gagea
Gagea anisanthos
Flower Size: up to 2 cm
Habitat: high mountains
Flowering Period: April to June
Yellow Horned Poppy
Glacium leiocarpum
Flower Size: 25 to 30 mm
Habitat: at high altitudes
Flowering Period: April to August
Gorgone’s vetchling
Lathyrus gorgonii
Flower Size: 1 to 2 cm
Habitat: Olive groves etc.
Flowering Period: February to April
Spanish Broom
Sparticum junceum
*indicator of degraded woodland – very common
Flower Size: up to 3 cm
Habitat: degraded woodland
Flowering Period: April to June
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