Blue & Purple Flowers

Scarlet Pimpernel
Anagellis arvensis
*Flowers can be red! (Hence the name)
Flower Size: 12 mm
Habitat: Fields
Flowering Period: March – April
Mountain Anemone
Anemona blanda
Flower Size: 8 to 15 mm
Habitat: range lands, fields, waste ground
Flowering Period: March – April
Three leaved bellevalia
Bellevalia Trifoliata
Flower Size: 20 to 40 flowers in groups
Habitat: range lands, fields, waste ground
Flowering Period: March – April
Dwarf Chicory
Cichorium pumilum
Flower Size: 25 to 40 mm
Habitat: Grassy places
Flowering Period: May
Viscous Globe Thistle
Echinops viscosus
Flower Size: in heads 5 to 8 cm
Habitat: roadsides, fileds, waste ground
Flowering Period: late spring
Morning Glory
Ipomea Purpurea
Flower Size: up to 4 cm
Habitat: in towns & villages
Flowering Period: throughout spring & summer
Histrio Iris
Iris histrio
Flower Size: 3 to 5 cm
Habitat: rocky ground
Flowering Period: early spring
Barbary Nut
Gynandriris sisyrinchium
Flower Size: 2 to 3 cm
Habitat: common rocky, grassy, garrigue etc.
Flowering Period: April – May
Grape Hyacinth
Muscari neglectum
Flower Size: tiny flowers on spikes
Habitat: fields, grassy places
Flowering Period: March -April
Branching Broom Rape
Orobanche Ramosa
Flower Size: small on spikes
Habitat: parasite on cultivated plants
Flowering Period: Spring
Egyptian Honesty
Ricotia lunaria
Flower Size: 10 to 15 mm
Habitat: stony ground
Flowering Period: March – April
Cicilian Squill
Scilla cilicica
Flower Size: 10 to 15 mm
Habitat: Grassy, rocky areas
Flowering Period: February to March