Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

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What is there to see?
The lands constituting TCNR , amount to an area of 380 ha divided into three zones; Tourism zone, Agricultural and Archeological zone and Conservation zone.

TCNR strives to achieve conservation and sustainable use through allowing use of the resources in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve (TCNR) is located immediately south of city of Tyre. The Reserve is the biggest and most beautiful remaining sandy beach in Lebanon. It is characterized by its ecological, marine and coastal ecosystem. In addition, it is an important nesting site for migratory birds and the threatened sea turtles.

The natural reserve contains fresh water estuaries and springs that outflow to the sea thus creating a fresh/ marine water interface. Both visitors and scientists recognize it as one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Lebanon, with the widest biodiversity.

How do I get there, and practical arrangements?
From Beirut (84 km): Take the South Highway and follow the signs after the Zahrani exit, it is about and hour and a half drive from the capital.

From Saida (40 km): Take the main road towards Naquora.

What is there to do?
The Tyre region provides enormous potential for tourism such as:

  1. Site seeing
    1. archeological sites
    2. the old city and the souks (old markets)
    3. The sandy sea shore
  2. Bird watching (all year round but prime time is during the spring and autumn seasons of migration.
  3. Cycling
  4. Camping
  5. Wildlife Photography
  6. Night walks
  7. Swimming and sun bathing
  8. Diving and snorkeling.

Who do I contact for more information or bookings?

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

Email: tcnr98@hotmail.com
Tel/Fax: 07-351341
Cell: 03-287211
Address: Hajo bldg 1st floor, Tyre, Lebanon