Sites (or Stop reading this website and go and see it, live it, do it!)

As the pages of this website make clear, Lebanon has a huge amount to offer the nature enthusiast; the coastal plain, the hills, mountains and valleys are still bursting with life – despite all the problems associated with humankind. It is possible just to head out of the cities, towns and villages and see plants and animals (in fact you can see a lot in the urban environment too). But, to make the most of the country, make sure you visit the special places. Below there are links to some of these special places. They have been chosen to reflect a balance of habitats and landscapes and represent all areas of the country. The list is by no means exhaustive and will be added to as the website develops, but the sites below have the advantage of;

  • directions on how to get there,
  • some facilities,
  • and (mostly) a group looking after the site.
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Some have special, educational and / or eco tourist activities. For all sites the information was provided by those responsible for the site and has simply been recorded here to help you plan your trips. Any questions or complaints need to be addressed to those responsible for the sites.

Aammiq Wetland
The most important wetland site in the country, located in the West Bekaa. A great place for birds, frogs, flowers, reptiles, spectacular views, full educational and eco tourist activities.
Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve
The largest nature reserve in the country, cedar groves, oak forest and much more. Fabulous hiking in spectacular country.
Animal Encounter
Animal rescue centre near Aley, best place to come close to Lebanese mammals also birds, full educational activities.
Bentael Forest Nature Reserve
Mediterranean Oak forest, close to the coast, good for hiking, birds and flowers.
Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve
A unique collection of cedar, oak and evergreen forest. Rich in plants and birds. Hiking in high mountain country.
Palm Islands Nature Reserve
TA unique group of islands off the coast of Tripoli important for bird and sea life.
Ramlieh Valley
A beautiful valley in the Shouf region with a great place to stay in the form of the Mediterranean Forest Development and Conservation Center of Lebanon. Educational and eco tourist facilities and activities.
Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve
Extensive cedar forest in high mountain scenery. Birds and flowers abound.

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve
Large sandy (public–now that IS rare!) beach, with extensive sand dunes. Important for plants and nesting sea turtles.
Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve
Amazing site-seeing in the mountain of the Ftouh Kesrouan - Mount Lebanon! Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve presents a rich mixture of biodiversity, local culture and mythology. In one visit, you can walk the steps of the Romans and live the myth of Adonis while observing beautiful birds, trees and flowers.

Important Bird Areas in Lebanon

Following a three year research and conservation program the local NGOs A Rocha Lebanon and SPNL discovered 11 new sites classed by Birdlife International as Important Bird Areas. These are great sites to visit – some are already described above and following the links, as they are open to the public and have facilities. However a number have little or no protection and no facilities. They can still be great places for the bird enthusiast to visit. Full details can be found on the A Rocha website – follow the link:


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